Matthew Sleeth

A shorter review of this work, “Keeping the Gospel Clear in the Face of Green Twists“, is found here. References at the end of this review are listed in the text by square [] brackets; page numbers in the book by round () brackets. Part 1 The Gospel According to the Earth Matthew Sleeth has a […]

Matthew Sleeth’s The Gospel According to the Earth teems with practical advice tethering spiritual profit with green ethics, offering religious insights skillfully woven with intimate stories. Filled with voluminous, therefore occasionally overwhelming, planet-saving tips, the tone encourages positive behavior changes, rather than bouts of guilt. Perhaps because of his perfect bedside manner and hundreds of […]

How Do You Sell Illegal Lightbulbs in the EU? – Describes a novel way to resist the Green Dragon – heatballs. Green Awakenings – Some first critiques of Matthew Sleeth’s new green gospel, to be followed shortly by my in depth review of his ‘The Gospel according to the Earth.” Judeo-Christian Environmental Organizations – A […]

This is an interesting critique of the DVD series, Resisting the Green Dragon, which the upset blogger Craig Goodwin calls “hyperbolic and overwrought.” Wait till he reads the book! It is interesting that Goodwin, author of Year of Plenty (what I call ‘Doing a McKibben’) characterizes the DVD series on the basis of his view […]