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(Robert J. Cabin, Professor of ecology and environmental science, Brevard College, Huffington Post, 18 May 2011) A recent Gallup poll found "historically low levels of public worry about environmental problems," and more than a third of those polled believe the environmental movement "has done more harm than good." Once upon a time, Americans responded to […]

(New York Times) Over the last decade, many evangelical Christians have embraced the doctrine called creation care, which uses a scriptural basis to promote good stewardship of the earth and its resources. For these believers, problems like climate change threaten to greatly intensify third-world poverty, making actions to reduce global warming emissions an urgent Christian […]

Beware The Green Dragon!

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by james on February 9, 2011

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(People for the American Way) Right Wing Watch:  A who’s who of Religious Right leaders have come together for a 12-part series called “Resisting the Green Dragon” which seeks to expose how the environmental movement is out to control the world and destroy Christianity….

The Green Dragon: Is Global Warming a Religion?, by J.C. Moore

From Creationism to Anti-Environmentalism: The Religious Right’s Attack on Science Expands, by Michael Zimmerman

Defending the ‘Cult’ of Environmentalism, by Sheldon Good

Happy Solstice! — Or is it?, by Bron Taylor