Introduction Smoke began to spread through the flashing room. Few had noticed the steady uprising of the ghostly haze before its tendrils reached the noses of most of the gyrating crowd. Strobe lights in the club ripped like lightning through the pale cloud, adding to the heat and thrill and pounding beat. Dry ice was […]

  When driving through the countryside one often meets pastoral scenes of cows patiently chewing the cud under the gay heavens, ruminating on the day’s work, probably planning placid bovine adventures. One should not bash cow communion—we can always learn something of spiritual value from the tangy smell of fresh dropped manure, just not much […]

Recently a group of nearly 200 professing Christian academics wrote a green letter to the US Congress, urging them to immediately implement policy and legislation to limit the use of carbon-based fuels in the United States. The letter, from ‘Evangelical Scientists and Academics’, derives from the concerns these academics have that use of carbon-based fuels […]

Round River, From the Journals of Aldo Leopold, Oxford University Press, 1993. Page 3. The man who cannot enjoy his leisure is ignorant, though his degrees exhaust the alphabet, and the man who does enjoy his leisure is to some extent educated, though he has never seen the inside of a school. Page 5. I […]

Introduction: Maslow at the Beach One of the founders of the school of humanistic psychology, Abraham Maslow, is often given credit for the learning theory of the four stages of competence. The first is unconscious incompetence – you don’t know what you don’t know. The second is conscious incompetence. For surfers a new stage often […]

Were it not for the fervor of the environmentalist movement this particular story would be of only limited interest. I mean, isn’t it wonderful that creative individuals throughout the world are exploring all kinds of different avenues for energy generation? That has always been a good thing, and has been human practice through the ages. […]

In the following lecture Mark Lynas explains the irrational environmental hysteria related to what is ‘natural’ versus what is ‘chemical’ or, even more frightening, what is genetically modified. Lynas is a global warming alarmist, having swallowed whole the propaganda of two decades. What sets him apart from so many fellow travelers is that his environmentalism […]

Eco-links (week of 1/6/2013)

by james on January 7, 2013

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  UV Radiation from lightbulbs – A team of researchers find that the response of healthy skin cells to UV emitted from CFL bulbs is consistent with damage from ultraviolet radiation. Manufacturers say that the amount of radiation will not be a problem for most people. I wonder if the government will allow me to […]

Quotes: The Mythology of Science, by Rousas John Rushdoony, Ross House Books, 2001 Page 4. We can attack the science of evolution all we want, but the battle for our faith, true science, and our culture is a religious one over the nature of truth. Page 6. Under the influence of Christianity, science escaped the […]

Robert Zubrin, aerospace engineer and visionary founder of the Mars Society writes about the decline of NASA due to a fever of anti-human ideas gripping policy makers in D.C. A number of thoughtful publications have turned their eyes to Asia as countries such as China eye missions to Mars with intrepid steps.  Robert Zubrin -Washington […]