My book  is an in-depth analysis of the worldview, philosophy, theology, ethics, politics, and strategies of the Green movement. The book is 307 pages of text, followed by over 1000 references. It is hardback, and printed in the USA, and published by Cornwall Alliance. I wrote the book because, as a scientist and as a Christian, I believe it is possible to have a balanced Biblical view of stewardship  and conservation to the critical issues of environment and development.

Around the world, environmentalism has become an unbalanced, radical movement. Something we call “The Green Dragon.” And it is deadly, deadly to human prosperity, deadly to human life, deadly to human freedom and deadly to the gospel of Jesus Christ. Make no mistake about it, environmentalism is no longer your friend. It is your enemy. And the battle is not primarily political or material, it is spiritual. … As Christians, we must actively trust God and obey His word. So when it comes to environmental stewardship, we must reject the false world view, the faulty science and the counterfeit gospel that threatens to corrupt society and the church.

If you wish to purchase a copy of the book you may do so here (shipping is to the US only):


or at light4america.com, Cornwall Alliance, Amazon.com, and other outlets for international orders.

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