“Environmentalists have attempted to spread several types of a panic since the 1960s: oxygen depletion, global cooling, coming ice age, acid rains… Global warming is the last one in the sequence. They have nothing else to try afterwards, so they will remain attached to global warming for as long time as possible. When this whole […]

A Gospel Message

by wanliss on March 21, 2017

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Had the blessed privilege tonight to hand out this tract outside  Greenville Swing. Pray that it is used to change lives. All of us have been or are ‘swingers’ in one way or another, but need to become serious pray-ers. Life is short, eternity long. (Click for full page view)

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Please allow me to give you a brief summary of some of my observations of highlights thus far of the General Assembly of the Free Church of Scotland (Continuing). The Assembly began on Monday evening with a gathering of Commissioners from the various Presbyteries throughout our Church. Our Presbytery of the United States is represented […]

The Power to Destroy

by james on January 28, 2016

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In early January 2016, over 100 armed militia took control of a closed wildlife park headquarters at the remote Malheur National Wildlife Refuge in Oregon. What would provoke these militiamen to take such a drastic step as to occupy a federal nature reserve? Why would they risk a confrontation, one that might even turn violent, […]

Consensus for thee

by james on September 21, 2015

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Interesting stories from the National Association of Scholars on the use of ‘consensus’ as the blunt weapon to silence those whose opinions are unpopular with the club wielder. Academic “consensus” is in the news. Stetson University professor of psychology Christopher Ferguson, writing in the Chronicle of Higher Education, recently gave a run-down on how the American […]

This is the advertising video from a recent series I did in Panama

WASHINGTON, DC –The second law of thermodynamics, a fundamental scientific principle stating that entropy increases over time as organized forms decay into greater states of disorder, has come under fire from pagan groups, liberal humanists, and Darwinian evolutionist groups, who are demanding that the law be repealed.(1)       "What we have here is the desire […]

Title The Dancing Wu Li Masters Author Gary Zukav Publisher Perennial, 2001 Page xxviii. Another reason is that the Dancing Wu Li Masters contains within it the seed of the thought that consciousness lies at the heart of all that we can experience, all that we can conceive, and all that we are. It also […]

UN scientist blows the whistle – Dr. Will Alexander, Honorary Fellow, South African Institution of Civil Engineering; Member of the United Nations Scientific and Technical Committee on Natural Disasters, 1994 to 2000, makes this interesting point, “It is now very clear that the manipulation of science in the IPCC publications was a general practice. There […]