The Word of Flux, by Rousas John Rushdoony, Ross House Books, 1965 Page 3. Berkeley and Hume…. school of empiricism, a school which holds that the sole source of all knowledge is experience.   Page 5. Kant…. We can never know things in themselves. The world as we know it is at least relative […]

The Black Swan, by Nassim Taleb, Random House Books, 2010   Page xxi. Today academics in abstract disciplines depend on one another’s opinion, without external checks, with the severe occasional pathological result of turning their pursuits into insular progress-showing contests. Whatever the shortcomings of the old system, at least it enforced some standard of relevance. […]

The white South African, an endangered species, by Joseph Andriola, published by Howard Timmins, 1976 Page x. I was not ground down “democratically” into the level of the lowest common denominator of the rest of the class as is so often the case in American public school education today with its pathological emphasis on so-called […]

The Messianic Character of American Education, by Rousas John Rushdoony, Ross House Books, 1995 Page 4. In the United States, it was very early believed that the new federal union constituted the new order of the ages, and the dollar bill today carries this proud description of that hope,novus ordo seclorum. Page 14. Greek thought […]

Quotes: The Mythology of Science, by Rousas John Rushdoony, Ross House Books, 2001 Page 4. We can attack the science of evolution all we want, but the battle for our faith, true science, and our culture is a religious one over the nature of truth. Page 6. Under the influence of Christianity, science escaped the […]

Speak like Churchill, stand like Lincoln, by James C. Humes, Three Rivers Press, New York, 2002 Page 5. Make your Power Pause your silent preparation before any presentation you make. Stand, stare, and command your audience, and they will bend their ears to listen.     Page 12. As you sit down to write your […]

North Korea is the modern ‘hermit-kingdom,’ the land that seeks pariahood as a matter of principle. Since its unsuccessful post World War II invasion of the South, it has demonstrated an ideological rigidity that is unrivaled in modern times, and which resembles rigor mortis. Amidst the collapse of its former enablers, and the Chinese renunciation […]

  That Hideous Strength, by CS Lewis, Scribner Classics, 1996 Page 17. … thought gave him the same curious sensation which a man has when he discovers that his father once very nearly married a different woman. Page 18. In the wall there was a door. It lead you into a covered gallery pierced with […]

Perelandra, by C.S. Lewis, Scribner Classics, 1972. Page 38.   The orb itself remained invisible, but on the rim of the sea rested an arc of green so voluminous that he could not look at it, and beyond that, spreading almost to the zenith, a great fan of colour like a peacock’s tail. . . […]

Book Review: The Delinquent Teenager, reviewed in London Book Review (10/28/2011) Review by Pan Pantziarka, 2011 It is impossible not to feel angry when reading this book. It is not just the sheer scale of bad practice, the bad faith and the outright lies. It’s the painful lack of objectivity from the worlds media. Much […]