Introduction: Maslow at the Beach One of the founders of the school of humanistic psychology, Abraham Maslow, is often given credit for the learning theory of the four stages of competence. The first is unconscious incompetence – you don’t know what you don’t know. The second is conscious incompetence. For surfers a new stage often […]

North Korea is the modern ‘hermit-kingdom,’ the land that seeks pariahood as a matter of principle. Since its unsuccessful post World War II invasion of the South, it has demonstrated an ideological rigidity that is unrivaled in modern times, and which resembles rigor mortis. Amidst the collapse of its former enablers, and the Chinese renunciation […]

Book Review: The Delinquent Teenager, reviewed in London Book Review (10/28/2011) Review by Pan Pantziarka, 2011 It is impossible not to feel angry when reading this book. It is not just the sheer scale of bad practice, the bad faith and the outright lies. It’s the painful lack of objectivity from the worlds media. Much […]

A shorter review of this work, “Keeping the Gospel Clear in the Face of Green Twists“, is found here. References at the end of this review are listed in the text by square [] brackets; page numbers in the book by round () brackets. Part 1 The Gospel According to the Earth Matthew Sleeth has a […]

Matthew Sleeth’s The Gospel According to the Earth teems with practical advice tethering spiritual profit with green ethics, offering religious insights skillfully woven with intimate stories. Filled with voluminous, therefore occasionally overwhelming, planet-saving tips, the tone encourages positive behavior changes, rather than bouts of guilt. Perhaps because of his perfect bedside manner and hundreds of […]