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Editors’ Note: In the following essay, Dr. James Wanliss considers how Christian parents can encourage a love of science in their children, for the glory of God First Published in Reformation 21: The Online Magazine of the Alliance of Confession Evangelicals   As young boys among friends we would flit like tiny birds from one […]

Matthew Sleeth’s The Gospel According to the Earth teems with practical advice tethering spiritual profit with green ethics, offering religious insights skillfully woven with intimate stories. Filled with voluminous, therefore occasionally overwhelming, planet-saving tips, the tone encourages positive behavior changes, rather than bouts of guilt. Perhaps because of his perfect bedside manner and hundreds of […]

The European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN), established in Geneva in 1954, is a leading laboratory for physics research, involving over 2,400 employees and nearly 8,000 physicists and engineers from universities around the world. In July the head of CERN issued an interesting gag order, prohibiting scientists from drawing conclusions from a major experiment. The […]

As I study the phenomenon of postmodernism (burn, baby, burn) as it relates to science, I think these links may be fruitful. I will add to these links as new leads become available. Sources from a Christian perspective are in red. Some side effects – Thoughts have consequences, and the post-normalizing of science leads to […]