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Round River, From the Journals of Aldo Leopold, Oxford University Press, 1993. Page 3. The man who cannot enjoy his leisure is ignorant, though his degrees exhaust the alphabet, and the man who does enjoy his leisure is to some extent educated, though he has never seen the inside of a school. Page 5. I […]

Charles Spurgeon, by Dan Harmon, Barbour Publishing Inc., 1998 Page 33. "I bear witness that never servant had such a Master as I have, never brother had such a kinsman as He has been to me; never spouse had such a husband as Christ has been to my soul; never sinner a better Savior, never […]

Quotes: Desert Solitaire, by Edward Abbey, Touchstone, 1968 Page 4. Lavender clouds sail like a fleet of ships across the pale green dawn; each cloud, planed flat on the wind, has a base of fiery gold. Page 6. … clamor and filth and confusion of the cultural apparatus…. Page 11. Above the mesa the sun […]

Quotes: The Truth War, by John MacArthur, Thomas Nelson, 2007 Page X I. Every true Christian should know and love the truth. Scripture says one of the key characteristics of “those who perish” (people who are damned by their unbelief) is that “they did not receive the love of the truth, that they might be […]

Quotes: The Tipping Point, by Malcolm Gladwell, 2002, Back Bay Books Page 83. In some studies, students who have a high degree of synchrony with their teachers are happier, more enthused, interested, and easygoing Page 84. We imitate each other’s emotions as a way of expressing support and caring and, even more basically, as a […]

John Bunyan, by Frank Mott Harrison, The Banner of Truth Trust, 1989 Page 190. Prayer with Bunyan is very real, and when he prays he always asks himself: ‘To what end, O my soul, art thou retired to this place? To converse with the Lord in prayer? Is He present, will He hear thee? Is […]

Teachings of Nature in the Kingdom of Grace, by Charles Spurgeon, Pilgrim publications, Pasadena, Texas, 1975 Page 15. A spider’s line is a cable compared with the thread of thy life. Dreams are substantial masonry compared with the bubbly structure of thy being. Page 35. Another thing is very noticeable, that though the ground was […]

Introduction: Maslow at the Beach One of the founders of the school of humanistic psychology, Abraham Maslow, is often given credit for the learning theory of the four stages of competence. The first is unconscious incompetence – you don’t know what you don’t know. The second is conscious incompetence. For surfers a new stage often […]

Revolution Via Education, by Samuel Blumenfeld, Chalcedon Press, 2009   Page vii In my conversations with him, he stressed the importance of educating Christian children with a Bible-based curriculum. What particularly annoyed him was the fact that more than 80 percent of Christian parents patronized the ungodly government schools and were thus committing sin. He […]

  The Word of Flux, by Rousas John Rushdoony, Ross House Books, 1965 Page 3. Berkeley and Hume…. school of empiricism, a school which holds that the sole source of all knowledge is experience.   Page 5. Kant…. We can never know things in themselves. The world as we know it is at least relative […]