In March a group of Democratic attorneys general formed “AG’s United for Clean Power.” It sounds nice enough, doesn’t it? New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman, standing beside a grinning Al Gore, announced that the gang was going after any energy providers and distributors who may have committed thought crimes such as questioning the human cause […]

Although politicians have worked hard to ensure high energy prices at least for the moment we are enjoying less pressure due to lower prices at the pump. This is mainly due to the shale gas revolution coupled with a weak US and global economy. President Obama has done much in his considerable powers to raise […]

Last week US President Obama was in Alaska at the height of summer to talk about global warming and how it is ruining everything. He walked near a glacier and fretted in apocalyptic terms about the end being near and the urgency of doing what environmentalists say. The supposed poster child glacier for global warming […]

As a service to the public I am posting this summary of the positions on important energy issues of the dominant candidates for President of the United States. A pdf version can be downloaded here.   Important energy issues: where the candidates stand Obama Romney Promises to “bankrupt” companies that attempt to build new coal-fired […]

Politics and the English Language

by james on September 30, 2012

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By George Orwell (first published in 1946) Most people who bother with the matter at all would admit that the English language is in a bad way, but it is generally assumed that we cannot by conscious action do anything about it. Our civilization is decadent and our language — so the argument runs — […]

An Australian view of the United States government. How tyranny grows.

North Korea is the modern ‘hermit-kingdom,’ the land that seeks pariahood as a matter of principle. Since its unsuccessful post World War II invasion of the South, it has demonstrated an ideological rigidity that is unrivaled in modern times, and which resembles rigor mortis. Amidst the collapse of its former enablers, and the Chinese renunciation […]

Utopian Impulses

by james on December 17, 2011

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On Thursday I watched part of the Republican Presidential ‘debate’ in Iowa (if one dare call 30 second sound bites a debate). At one point, serial monogamist Newt Gingrich was criticized for being as opposed to “right wing social activism” as he is to left wing activities of the same. Whether or not the accusations […]

A Supreme Court justice on Tuesday expressed major concerns that the government would engage in round-the-clock surveillance reminiscent of the totalitarian world of the George Orwell novel 1984 if the court ruled in the government’s favor.

An important article by Mark Tooley, IRD Because they are Americans, the Wall Street Occupiers are suffused with messianic purpose, as are nearly all our nation’s American political crusades. But the often raggedy Occupiers themselves do not seem specifically oriented towards organized religion. Not to worry. Religious Leftists of all sorts have rallied to the […]