Using microSD space on android

by james on September 16, 2016

in Education

I’ve been wrestling with the lack of space on internal memory on my android device. It has a microSD card slot and I have a 64 GB card in it. However, the vendor, LG in this case, does not allow me to set the external SD card to be used as if it were internal […]

EarthFirst! is reeling from internal tensions just now as President Obama’s transsexual activists are on a witch hunt for those in the group not progressive enough on sexuality. A recent article entitled “Deep Green Transphobia” deplores leaders in the Green movement, a bunch of ecofeminists, who do not think “transrights” and “transinclusion” are fundamental to […]

At a recent UN Climate Summit, Bolivian Presidente Evo Morales said, “The world is suffering from a fever due to climate change, and the disease is the capitalist development model.” Morales is just one of many in the Green movement who assume it is always bad to have growing business. To be fair, many other people assume […]

How to do an abortion from a physician with 1,200 under his belt From: Jeremiah 1:5 – Before I formed thee in the belly I knew thee

Goodbye DDT, hello bednets, zika, malaria, dengue, yellow fever. More coming in a later post….

SC Flooding

by james on October 10, 2015

in Education, Science and Technology

                    Congaree River during the record flood of 1908, when the river crested at 40 ft…about 9 ft. higher than the current flood event (31 ft).  For comparison, the worst SC floods on record occurred in 1903, 1908, 1940, 1945, and 1990.         […]

Although politicians have worked hard to ensure high energy prices at least for the moment we are enjoying less pressure due to lower prices at the pump. This is mainly due to the shale gas revolution coupled with a weak US and global economy. President Obama has done much in his considerable powers to raise […]

“Hello, Pluto, we’ve made it here.” Its taken a while, but finally we have a real Pluto flyby. NASA’s New Horizons probe flew by Pluto this morning (July 14), capturing history’s first up-close looks at the little rock that couldn’t (Pluto was declared no planet a short while ago, but might make a comeback after today). […]

An excerpt from a physics text that I have written: “In the previous four modules, we discussed units, vectors, and motion.  In these discussions, we concentrated solely on how to describe physical situations.  We can predict how long it will take to make a journey, how fast an object will be traveling after a certain […]

Transcript of a presentation at the 20th General Assembly of Confraternidad Latinoamericana Iglesia Reformada, Panama City, Panama, September 2014 by James Wanliss, PhD   Part 2 here Part 3 here Part 4 here Many nations now enjoy prosperity unprecedented in history, but many people in those nations despair and lack confidence that this prosperity can continue much longer. […]