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“Hello, Pluto, we’ve made it here.” Its taken a while, but finally we have a real Pluto flyby. NASA’s New Horizons probe flew by Pluto this morning (July 14), capturing history’s first up-close looks at the little rock that couldn’t (Pluto was declared no planet a short while ago, but might make a comeback after today). […]

It seems that the nature of light is puzzling. What is it, wave or particle or… wavicle?! The ambiguity in understanding highlights important points about the nature of truth, and knowledge. No human has ever seen or touched a photon. We don’t even know quite how to describe it, yet we are asked to believe […]

When Love Dies

by wanliss on December 16, 2014

in Blog, Philosophy and Religion

  . But godliness with contentment is great gain . 1 Timothy 6:6   Taking care of plants is real work. My farmer friend likens it to a game of chess, trying to remain at least one move ahead of the weather, diseases, and pests. Most of us do not grow plants for a living, […]

Title The Dancing Wu Li Masters Author Gary Zukav Publisher Perennial, 2001 Page xxviii. Another reason is that the Dancing Wu Li Masters contains within it the seed of the thought that consciousness lies at the heart of all that we can experience, all that we can conceive, and all that we are. It also […]