It is easy to take for granted that the physics and chemistry behind rocket science is not simple. Here is a reminder from a few days ago, and then a summary.    

In 2003 Michael Crichton sent the Ecology industry into a rage by exposing them as a religion. He got away with it because he had both the science background and enough money not to be silenced by the eco-lobby. After his death this speech was scrubbed from Crichton’s personal website, so I am posting it here […]

In this world there is sin, suffering, and sickness. Yet every human, Christian or not, because he or she is made in God’s image, can never be at home in these maladies. There is an aching homesickness in their hearts, a God-shaped hole in their souls. Ungodly men seek to quell this gnawing pain by […]

Climate of Confusion

by james on July 30, 2014

in Environmental

For almost a decade a small cadre of scientists have provided evidence that the fears about global warming are a vastly overblown horde of hot air. The real concern, they say, is that we may be entering another ice age. The current furor about global warming really only began in the late 1980s, when there […]

My eldest daughter is getting to an age where reading, writing, and arithmetic is simply not enough. Not only are her interests much broader, but her firm grounding in these fundamentals means she is now able to explore more systematically God’s world by using the tools and thought processes of modern science. As the headmaster […]

I talked to an atheist friend; in his own words, a spiritual being, not religious. He is thinking about Christianity, but has decided it is too… limp. He was interested, but filled with so many misconceptions about Christianity. Who can blame him? The typical church today is one step away from being one with the […]

Introduction Smoke began to spread through the flashing room. Few had noticed the steady uprising of the ghostly haze before its tendrils reached the noses of most of the gyrating crowd. Strobe lights in the club ripped like lightning through the pale cloud, adding to the heat and thrill and pounding beat. Dry ice was […]

Over the past few days the distance between Earth and Mars has been closing at a rapid clip, some 190 miles each minute, just over 11,000 miles/hour.  Tonight will be a special viewing opportunity, weather permitting, for the sun, Earth, and Mars, are arranged in a nearly straight line, as shown in this cartoon from […]

  When driving through the countryside one often meets pastoral scenes of cows patiently chewing the cud under the gay heavens, ruminating on the day’s work, probably planning placid bovine adventures. One should not bash cow communion—we can always learn something of spiritual value from the tangy smell of fresh dropped manure, just not much […]

As a space physicist I am always fascinated by the solar-terrestrial interaction.  Have you ever felt mesmerized by the amazing shapes springing out of the flames of a fire.  Some of those flames may be plasma, the fourth (and most abundant) state of matter in the universe.  Earth is plasma poor, but space is a […]