Background Information

Photo by Greg Land

James Wanliss (pronounced One-liss) was born in King William’s Town, South Africa and grew up in Cape Town. He received undergraduate degrees in applied mathematics and physics from the University of Cape Town. In 1995 he received an M.S degree in geophysics from the University of the Witwatersrand. In 2000 he received the Ph.D in physics from the University of Alberta, in Canada.

His work has focused mainly on the causes and consequences of space weather, particularly the complex dynamics of magnetospheric substorms and space storms. He is the recipient of several awards and honors, notably an NSF CAREER award. His research work has been almost entirely supported by U.S. government agencies, notably NASA, and NSF. He regrets that, apart from a brief stint as a teenaged intern, no oil company has since asked him to perform any kind of service.

Dr. Wanliss has published over 60 peer reviewed scientific articles, mainly in the Journal of Geophysical Research and Geophysical Research Letters. He has also published in psychology and medical areas, and popular Christian journals.

His entry into the environmental debate began when he taught a course that examined scientifically several prominent claims of the green movement that proved to be either false or highly exaggerated. The religious terminology employed by environmentalists made it plain that the green movement is not about science, or the environment, but is offered as an alternative to Christian faith, one that people interested in truth need to learn to combat.

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A brief background in the natural sciences is listed immediately below.

James A. Wanliss, Associate Professor of Physics, Presbyterian College, Clinton, SC. Major areas of scientific interest are plasma physics, nonlinear dynamics, and space weather. B.S., 1991, Physics and Applied Mathematics; B.S. (Hons), 1992, Physics, University of Cape Town; M.S., 1995, Geophysics, University of the Witwatersrand; Ph.D., 2000, Physics, University of Alberta. Postdoctoral Research, Canadian Space Agency, 1999-2002. AGU service on the Nonlinear
Geophysics (NG) Lorenz Lecture Committee, NG Web Editor, NG Secretary. Other service includes being National Reviewer for South Carolina Education Oversight Committee (2012), and a reviewer for several
scientific journals. Assistant Professor, Embry-Riddle University (2002-2006); Associate Professor, Embry-Riddle University (2006-2008); Associate Professor, Presbyterian College (2008-present). Sabbatical at Clemson University (2-7/2008). Visiting Associate Professor, Nagoya University (2007 Summer); Visiting Associate Professor (Kyung-Hee
University, 2010 Summer). NSF Career Award (2005-2011). Published 50 peer reviewed journal articles, including 16 in AGU publications.