Africa needs Power

by wanliss on October 19, 2017

in Environmental

More than half-a-century after it was opened by the Queen Mother in 1960, Kariba is still the world’s biggest dam by volume.
Straddling the Zambezi, it stretches back 220 kilometres from the wall, with a catchment area the size of France.
But if Kariba was built today, the World Bank wouldn’t fund it. Same with the Three Gorges Dam in China, oil wells in Saudi or the coal-fired power stations that account for 60 per cent of Africa’s kilowatts.
At the bank’s annual summit last week, hosted by its president Dr Jim Yong Kim, these policies loomed into focus as more than 11,500 delegates, including six from Zimbabwe, converged on Washington.
Where else might you find Donald Trump and Robert Mugabe on the same side, along with India, China, Australia, Ghana, Nigeria and a clutch of others calling for change?
Conventional energy has fallen out of vogue and some say the bank has been hijacked by an army of lobbyists who want to shut down anything not powered by wind or sunshine.


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