“Trans-speciesism”: Tree huggers’ new progressive frontier

by james on June 10, 2016

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Richard Torres marries Arbol del Tule

EarthFirst! is reeling from internal tensions just now as President Obama’s transsexual activists are on a witch hunt for those in the group not progressive enough on sexuality. A recent article entitled “Deep Green Transphobia” deplores leaders in the Green movement, a bunch of ecofeminists, who do not think “transrights” and “transinclusion” are fundamental to building a world worth living in.

But Greens are about to fall behind as trans-speciesism becomes the new cutting edge in the long war against God. Caitlyn Jenner is so last year.

It seems there are plenty of people out there who suffer from species dysphoria these days. A 20-year-old Norwegian girl got a bunch of publicity because she believes she is a cat trapped in a human body. She crawls on all fours, meows, and purrs. It was once considered a mental disorder. In our brave new world, how long can species dysphoria disorder survive every right-thinking person’s moral duty to celebrate trans-speciesism?

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