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by james on March 31, 2012

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So sorry – We really don’t want to control every aspect of your life. We have no choice. It is just that to keep you safe, because you are so irresponsible and infantile in your thinking, and because the world is such a dangerous place, and because we are so clever (much more than you), we must control everything. You will work, and we will tell you how, when, and where. We will tell you what you may use your money for.

Of course, it is your money. Don’t fret, and don’t complain. Only terrorists and ignorant people complain. We know best. This is essentially the message I get in reading the latest on world government from Scientific American Magazine. There Gary Stix, in “Effective World Government Will Be imageNeeded to Stave Off Climate Catastrophe,” explains why the stupid people need to be grateful that experts have everything under control. Seems to me that the word progressive is simply a smokescreen that totalitarians run to choke and blind the better senses of gentler people.

Propaganda fail – In spite of massive efforts to indoctrinate young people into Dark Green Religion, there is some dark cloud on the horizon, small as a fist. They have a reputation for being environmentally minded do-gooders. But an academic analysis of surveys spanning more than 40 years has found that today’s young Americans are less interested in the environment and in conserving resources – and often less civic-minded overall – than their elders were when they were young.

$7 per gallon – That appears to be the goal of the Obama administration. I provide evidence in Resisting the Green Dragon. With the rise of the price in petroleum products, comes an increase in the price of all things. In a green world, that is a good. That means people will engage in less fruitful, productive activity, and Earth Mother will be properly revered.

Kill those birds – Just wow! To help out the spotted owl, the Obama administration is moving forward with a plan to shoot barred owls, a rival bird. If only the barred owls could get some of those lawyers Cass Sunstein, the administration’s regulatory Czar, has been promising. This sounds like a Chicago crime family shoot out.

Clouds cause cooling – As reported in Geophysical Research Letters, it appears that cloud tops are lowering, a totally unforeseen cooling feedback on carbon dioxide-induced warming. University of Auckland’s Roger Davies and Matthew Molloy conclude this could be a “significant measure of a negative cloud feedback to global warming”. Average cloud height is related to global average surface temperature: the higher the cloud height the higher the average temperature and vice versa. Despite predictions of rising temperatures cloud levels are lowering. “In addition, the GRACE satellite found that total ice loss outside of Greenland and Antarctica was previously estimated 30% too high, another reinforcement of the ‘lukewarm’ synthesis of climate change.”

What happens when one intentionally rations power? – The answer? Blackout like during WWII. Green Germany with its revival of its pagan teutonic nature religions, seen in the powerful policical clout of the ‘green’ parties, is starting to experience those blackouts.

Earthquakes and global warming – Seriously folks, are we this stupid? What a splendid paradigm—it is a catchall, seemingly able to explain anything from the blasé to the banal. Let’s look at a few news reports. Who would have thought Bulgarian brothels would suffer barren business because of balmy weather? Global warming, this greatest of environmentalist peccadilloes, will not only lengthen the day by slowing Earths’ rotation, but has already apparently caused the death of the Loch Ness Monster, increased Italian suicide rates, and birthed two-headed turtles. The ability to explain everything is a characteristic of Cargo Cult Science. So it is not surprising that more (and less) rainfall is caused by global warming, but now also earthquakes.

More green subsidies – I propose to rename Black Hole to something far more certain: the Green Hole. This is the pit into which governments are throwing the hard earned sweat and labor of the people. The green jobs is making a few people enormously wealthy (think Al Gore), but intentionally impoverishing everyone else.

No need to lose your head – In an age of neuroses, leading scientists encourage people to have a stiff upper lip. No need to hit the bottle, take anti-psychotic drugs, or cope in other dangerous ways. Global warming is not really much to worry about.


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