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by james on December 29, 2011

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Panda beauty – The woman of the year is a Panda. Think for a moment of the mindset that does this, and it might not be such a compliment. Next year a bacterium?

The Great Green Fleet -One might assume, or at least hope, that the fallout over the $535 million Solyndra loan scandal would make the Obama administration think twice before lavishing more taxpayer dollars on politically connected “green energy” firms. Not in the slightest. The administration’s latest boondoggle involves the use of executive authority to essentially force the U.S. Navy to buy 450,000 gallons of “alternative” biofuel, at the bargain-counter rate of just $15 per gallon.

China Power and Light – About a year ago I was reporting that Communist China was building an average of six coal fired power plants each month. Well, the rate has accelerated.  China is now building about two power stations every week.

No more compact trucks – The cost of power keep going up here (not in China) because politicians are mesmerized by the idea that they can ‘save’ the planet. Never say ideas do not have consequences. Now, to save the planet, for the children, of course, say goodbye to trucks.

Here’s the first known victim of the latest CAFE (government fuel efficiency) increase to 35.5 MPG: The compact pick-up truck. And the American truck buyer. OK, that’s two victims. Ford has dropped the Ranger – America’s last compact-sized truck – for 2012. But not from its lineup. Just from its U.S. model lineup. Not only will the Ranger continue to be sold in export markets, the 2012 model will be a heavily updated model which, among other things, will offer a new diesel engine – something you can’t get in any current pick-up in the U.S. that’s not at least a 2500 series behemoth with a price tag well over $30,000. Meanwhile, the Aussies, among others, will get a brand-new Ranger, revealed at the Thailand International Motor Expo last month. It is a handsome-looker, with an available quad cab body and an all-new interior.

The 2.2 liter, four-cylinder Duratorq TDCi diesel-equipped version – offered with either six-speed manual or six-speed automatic – sounds like just the ticket for the U.S. market, too. But, we lose. It’s not coming here.

The meaning of sustainable development – The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency wants to change how it analyzes problems and makes decisions, in a way that would give it vastly expanded power to regulate businesses, communities and ecosystems in the name of “sustainable development,” the centerpiece of a global United Nations conference slated for Rio de Janeiro next June.

International Climate Court -Profiteering UN bureaucrats plan to establish a world government paid for by the West on the pretext of dealing with the non-problem of “global warming”. As usual, the mainstream media have simply not reported what is in the draft text which the 194 states parties to the UN framework convention on climate change are being asked to approve. Behind the scenes, throughout the year since Cancun, the now-permanent bureaucrats who have made highly-profitable careers out of what they lovingly call “the process” have been beavering away at what is now a 138-page document. Its catchy title is "Ad Hoc Working Group on Long-Term Cooperative Action Under the Convention". In plain English: coming soon, are special rights for Earth Mother, an International Climate Court to punish climate criminals, etc. etc. Bite me!

Green Climate Fund – For people who ostensibly care only about the planet, and hate money grubbers, global greens are incredibly obsessed about money; usually other people’s money. The latest scheme is the United Nations Green Climate Fund. South African development activist Leon Louw declared the UN’s “Green Climate Fund” nothing more than an attempt by wealthy nations to keep the poor nations from developing.

Renewables in Africa -Not a good idea! 

Turn down the heat – Turn off the school heating on one of the coldest days of the year — to save the planet. Others say the problem is not the heating, but the students. You know – people.

Energy bills -Wonder no more why they are skyrocketing… it’s part of the plan.image

The US of EPA – The EPA heaved its weight against another industry this month, issuing a regulation to sharply increase fuel economy. Under this new rule, America’s fleet of passenger cars and light trucks will have to meet an average of 54.5 miles per gallon by 2025, a doubling of today’s average of about 27 mpg. By the EPA’s estimate the rule will cost $157 billion, meaning the real number is vastly greater.

Money pit – Renewables do not look sustainable.

Mooney pit – How scientific societies become corrupt when they hire English-major activists to drive dark green agendas.

How to eat meat – Yum!

Get global warming out of school – Just say no! No more global warming propaganda in schools.

Fight the carbon police – THE whitewash begins. Now that the carbon tax has passed through federal parliament, the government’s clean-up brigade is getting into the swing by trying to erase any dissent against the jobs-destroying legislation.

On cue comes the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission, which this week issued warnings to businesses that they will face whopping fines of up to $1.1m if they blame the carbon tax for price rises.

Smoking guns -Nice summary of some of the corruption bubbling out of the global warming cauldron.

Skepticism – In science it is a virtue, not a vice.

China against the IPCC – Fang et al. paper challenges the UN IPCC. For the mechanism of global warming, the IPCC report emphasizes the impact of human activities and the correlation between the CO2 concentration and temperature increase. However, the Earth is a complex dynamic system with various factors affecting each other; great uncertainties exist regarding causes and effects of the climate changes. 

Climategate 2.0 – Some more context.


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