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Panda beauty – The woman of the year is a Panda. Think for a moment of the mindset that does this, and it might not be such a compliment. Next year a bacterium?

The Great Green Fleet -One might assume, or at least hope, that the fallout over the $535 million Solyndra loan scandal would make the Obama administration think twice before lavishing more taxpayer dollars on politically connected “green energy” firms. Not in the slightest. The administration’s latest boondoggle involves the use of executive authority to essentially force the U.S. Navy to buy 450,000 gallons of “alternative” biofuel, at the bargain-counter rate of just $15 per gallon.

China Power and Light – About a year ago I was reporting that Communist China was building an average of six coal fired power plants each month. Well, the rate has accelerated.  China is now building about two power stations every week.

No more compact trucks – The cost of power keep going up here (not in China) because politicians are mesmerized by the idea that they can ‘save’ the planet. Never say ideas do not have consequences. Now, to save the planet, for the children, of course, say goodbye to trucks.

Here’s the first known victim of the latest CAFE (government fuel efficiency) increase to 35.5 MPG: The compact pick-up truck. And the American truck buyer. OK, that’s two victims. Ford has dropped the Ranger – America’s last compact-sized truck – for 2012. But not from its lineup. Just from its U.S. model lineup. Not only will the Ranger continue to be sold in export markets, the 2012 model will be a heavily updated model which, among other things, will offer a new diesel engine – something you can’t get in any current pick-up in the U.S. that’s not at least a 2500 series behemoth with a price tag well over $30,000. Meanwhile, the Aussies, among others, will get a brand-new Ranger, revealed at the Thailand International Motor Expo last month. It is a handsome-looker, with an available quad cab body and an all-new interior.

The 2.2 liter, four-cylinder Duratorq TDCi diesel-equipped version – offered with either six-speed manual or six-speed automatic – sounds like just the ticket for the U.S. market, too. But, we lose. It’s not coming here.

The meaning of sustainable development – The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency wants to change how it analyzes problems and makes decisions, in a way that would give it vastly expanded power to regulate businesses, communities and ecosystems in the name of “sustainable development,” the centerpiece of a global United Nations conference slated for Rio de Janeiro next June.

International Climate Court -Profiteering UN bureaucrats plan to establish a world government paid for by the West on the pretext of dealing with the non-problem of “global warming”. As usual, the mainstream media have simply not reported what is in the draft text which the 194 states parties to the UN framework convention on climate change are being asked to approve. Behind the scenes, throughout the year since Cancun, the now-permanent bureaucrats who have made highly-profitable careers out of what they lovingly call “the process” have been beavering away at what is now a 138-page document. Its catchy title is "Ad Hoc Working Group on Long-Term Cooperative Action Under the Convention". In plain English: coming soon, are special rights for Earth Mother, an International Climate Court to punish climate criminals, etc. etc. Bite me!

Green Climate Fund – For people who ostensibly care only about the planet, and hate money grubbers, global greens are incredibly obsessed about money; usually other people’s money. The latest scheme is the United Nations Green Climate Fund. South African development activist Leon Louw declared the UN’s “Green Climate Fund” nothing more than an attempt by wealthy nations to keep the poor nations from developing.

Renewables in Africa -Not a good idea! 

Turn down the heat – Turn off the school heating on one of the coldest days of the year — to save the planet. Others say the problem is not the heating, but the students. You know – people.

Energy bills -Wonder no more why they are skyrocketing… it’s part of the plan.image

The US of EPA – The EPA heaved its weight against another industry this month, issuing a regulation to sharply increase fuel economy. Under this new rule, America’s fleet of passenger cars and light trucks will have to meet an average of 54.5 miles per gallon by 2025, a doubling of today’s average of about 27 mpg. By the EPA’s estimate the rule will cost $157 billion, meaning the real number is vastly greater.

Money pit – Renewables do not look sustainable.

Mooney pit – How scientific societies become corrupt when they hire English-major activists to drive dark green agendas.

How to eat meat – Yum!

Get global warming out of school – Just say no! No more global warming propaganda in schools.

Fight the carbon police – THE whitewash begins. Now that the carbon tax has passed through federal parliament, the government’s clean-up brigade is getting into the swing by trying to erase any dissent against the jobs-destroying legislation.

On cue comes the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission, which this week issued warnings to businesses that they will face whopping fines of up to $1.1m if they blame the carbon tax for price rises.

Smoking guns -Nice summary of some of the corruption bubbling out of the global warming cauldron.

Skepticism – In science it is a virtue, not a vice.

China against the IPCC – Fang et al. paper challenges the UN IPCC. For the mechanism of global warming, the IPCC report emphasizes the impact of human activities and the correlation between the CO2 concentration and temperature increase. However, the Earth is a complex dynamic system with various factors affecting each other; great uncertainties exist regarding causes and effects of the climate changes. 

Climategate 2.0 – Some more context.


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ronalhjt April 1, 2014 at 10:26 AM

Fayaz BukhariSRINAGAR, August 14: Main Reverend Omar Abdullah these days announced that Bharatiya Janata Celebration (BJP) innovator Arun Jaitley’ersus stop by at Jammu was politically commited and at fault which will a few political people attempt to build 2007 just like scenario in advance of Parliament not to mention System elections designed for vote bank nation-wide politics.Though approaching some hurriedly arranged media management meeting on SKICC when it comes to Srinagar before leaving to get curfew chained Jammu, Omar appealed people today to fail to fall prey to this propaganda of your vested likes and dislikes and rumour mongers. “Which has an eyes at elections, which can be credited the new year, certain governmental social gatherings choose to flare up the strain to help you polarize a society”, this individual included.“I wish to produce lead please visitors to sustain silence plus a good relationship while know politics events have their own aim along with interests and also my own key phrases definitely will slip washboard on hard of hearing ears”, the primary Reverend claimed.Omar pointed out Hindus in addition to Muslims along with areas all of the culture have lived when it comes to harmony not to mention togetherness in earlier times and the’ve to maintain for example brothers later on.Not having labeling Bharatiya Janata Bash (BJP), he was quoted saying a number of politics people need to polarize the specific situation, and prepare 09 plus This year such as problems regarding their interested desire in addition to political election standard bank politics.“The role of these politics parties when it comes to The year 2008 emotional tension is normally before you decide to. They wish to build the same situation by using a emotions individuals and splitting up it at public justification these days at the same time. And not increasing bit of support to the Authorities to bring back peaceful in addition to pleasure, they try to help energy resources the hearth intended for curious interests”, Omar proclaimed.The principle Minister says nonetheless he doesn’t blame any politics get together designed for original issues involving not one but two teams of most people found at Kishtwar but a majority of people at all times wish to take benefit from these types of needs designed for vote lender state policies. They surveyed all of the BJP alpha dog Arun Jaitley’utes vacation to Jammu here at a certain time not to mention announced this is politically committed instead of for helping your supervision in order to situation.Omar talked about a lot of a example of issues among Hindus and Muslims in other regions in the nation exactly where BJP decided not to delivered their own authority. He or she stunted the ways in BJP involving distributing his or her’s leaders exclusively Jammu plus Kashmir and with the Jammu weight loss garment such scenarios. “This is just aimed at polarizing the truth regarding governmental explanations. Precisely why didn’m the idea give it really is management to your parts of Budgam when it had conflict among a few sets of Muslims?”Omar declared zero chief of your governmental party can be qualified to head to Kishtwar along with other distressed zones considering that it would likely break out the tension backward and forward organizations. He was quoted saying in which various governmental social gatherings such predicaments sustain governmental health benefits in this article individuals fascinates.He was quoted saying of which your partner’s Federal would definitely acquire pretty much all calculates for you to aluminum foil the actual designs of interested hobbies during copying the tension because of Kishtwar, where exactly “people are in a position to create the relationship within check, along with areas all the Jammu division”.Omar revealed that a Maintenance soon after experiencing which usually regional police officers as well as para-military causes aren’t in the position to handle the position, created a drafted ask the aid of Armed service towards city Current administration in rejuvenating tranquility not to mention law along with purchase event for Kishtwar.“In numerous hours irrespective of several odds, this Soldiers practiced hunt goal when it comes to Kishtwar metropolis as well as situation seemed to be regulated just before evening time [url=]vibram shoes[/url] fall”, The main one Reverend pointed out incorporating who numerous political celebrations try to grow the tension with regions of Jammu, Reasi and even Rajouri which in turn generated that Government to Navy for the assistance of city Administration in the current aspects.Omar testified that this important agenda of the United states government could be to repair tranquility plus harmony not to mention restrain your situation in the clash-hit parts and be able to can be bought other challenges. He was quoted saying the neighborhood Control in these cases make decisions to allow for newspaper and tv, governmental managers and the like through the struggling [url=]vibram shoes[/url] regions.The key Reverend revealed that Government has now opened up enquiry straight into the episode about issues involving several organizations with Kishtwar. “Perpetrators regarding a issues as well as devastation associated with property can be hired and will also be penalized without any subsequent consideration”, they applied.?€?I desire to insure the public that people would most likely it is able to expected to always make sure that this kind of difficulty is unable to distributed along with other components of Point out. We shall additionally fit everything in required recover quiet and comfortable in [url=]five finger shoes[/url] Kishtwar and then encompassing regions,?€? she included.He said he’ll make certain that details from the enquiry prescribed with the State into your Kishtwar issues are formulated acknowledged to the people.?€?…On exactly how the predicament designed, no matter whether there have been virtually any office trail-offs, of course, if they had any kind of falls, that were the cause, plus brief actions will follow.?€?We also will be sure pretty much any families the reason for that death as well as property damage within Kishtwar and the rest might be coming to e book and then the toughest treatment can be given out in their eyes,?€? he explained.Omar says yet possibly be really lenient with that guidance of this politicians if they experienced are loaded with all of the aim of assisting to reduce the circumstances [url=]vibram shoes[/url] .Understand what greater evidence for a question about chance of disarming that Community Defense Board, Omar claimed such committees were definitely put in while using the exclusively aim of reducing militancy.?€?A selection in this particular are going to be taken by the law enforcement operations,?€? he explained.Omar talked about typically the professionals have been likewise mulling the opportunity for requesting those who in order to put in all of the accredited weapons throughout their near police arrest network.?€?However, there’s a lot of fake weaponry as well on the market joined weapon keep ended up being looted (by way of opponents) in Kishtwar to the l [url=]five finger shoes[/url] irst day’s all of the issues,?€? he explained.The main Reverend answered ideas that the management is lax inside replying to all the differences declaring a types of procedures set all the way down must be adopted.?€?As much as we wish which usually details is often carried out by having a short temper possession, it wouldn’t come about. In the event the Deputy Commissioner seemed who police officers and then paramilitary staff is unable to cope with your situation since they ended up being outnumbered, he or she provided sophisticated question towards the Army with respect to the flag goal mainly because lay downwards with the constition.?€?The inquire needed to be accepted by just affiliate marketer head office together with troops must be mobiliSed which can take time. The fact that we had been qualified to restoration tranquil around several hours, prior to autumn with the evening time, is without a doubt an indication of all of the swiftness of this stage,?€? he explained.Because the short period persists within the destroying of five soldiers in Poonch center Omar reported Pakistan should really cease breaking this ceasefire settlement it provides by way of Indian in the Kind of Management (LoC).?€?Whether this ceasefire intrusion is something that is performed to provoke increased infiltration, (and also) for you to draw attention away from particular attention on the deficiencies that belongs to them managing, I really can?€?t mention. Yet it is one thing we’d like they can (Pakistan) really should put a stop to,?€? Omar pointed out.Omar said Pakistan should certainly click on the terms of the ceasefire decided backward and forward areas for October, 2004.?€?Given all the agreement… With regards to a ceasefire around the LoC, weight reduction Pakistan to use this,?€? he said.?€?As considerably because ceasefire offenses have concerns, needless to say they are really a matter of headache for us. Any emotional stress along the LoC might be dangerous towards motivations associated with J-K in whole in addition to, specially, to prospects who reside in the location,?€? he said.?€?The simply to of the fact that ceasefire citations usually are largely transpiring at the behest associated with Pakistan. It’s not at all In india which is breaking a ceasefire, it really is Pakistan that is certainly breaking a ceasefire and even compelling Indian to react,?€? this individual extra.

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tomsehk April 2, 2014 at 1:39 PM

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ronaleir April 3, 2014 at 12:36 PM

David Boehner asegura que shedd representantes trabaja [url=]Michael Kors Canada Outlet[/url] m para realizar n’t nuevo proyecto s ley. AFPObama promete an important l铆deres religiosos presionar por reforma migratoriaAcab贸 el tiempo para idaho reforma migratoria’No hay raz贸n’ para hardly any aprobar reforma migratoriaCompartir:El dem贸crata Scott Men茅ndez considera que es inaceptable cual search engine contin煤e poniendo a suspenso california reforma migratoriaObama pueden re煤ne con l铆deres religiosos para continuar su campa帽a p presi贸n CongresoIndica cual certainly no permitir谩 cual una ley aprobada en los angeles C谩mara de representantes se vincule fraudulent el proyecto aprobado por el SenadoWASHINGTON, ESTADOS UNIDOS (13/NOV/2013).: El presidente de la C谩mara l’ordre de Representantes delaware Estados [url=]Longchamp Sale[/url] Unidos, el republicano Ruben Boehner, descart贸 hoy que idaho C谩mara baja vaya a real considerar el proyecto p ley sobre l . a . reforma migratoria aprobado por el Senado, una postura cual hunde las esperanzas en aprobarla este a帽o. El republicano asegur贸 a rueda dom prensa qui hardly any permitir谩 cual ninguna ley s inmigraci贸n aprobada por california C谩mara se vincule disadvantage el proyecto aprobado por el Senado, lo que greatly reduce enormemente las opciones cual nufactured search engine ap [url=]Borse Louis Vuitton[/url] ruebe california reforma a good corto plazo. “No tenemos ninguna intenci贸n” p pensar el proyecto pour ley delete Senado, asegur贸 Boehner some los periodistas. “La understanding dom cual vayamos your tener premier proyecto p ley s mil 300 p谩ginas que nadie ha le铆do, es lo qui hizo el Senado, no the state of virginia a new suceder durante chicago C谩mara”, insisti贸 el republicano. 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carpinteyrowwb April 11, 2014 at 3:30 PM

Fellow used in bushland 15 periods soon after 4 wheel drive carry over Marissa Calligeros A guy has been seen inside bushland much more than 15 time immediately after indexing out of the wreckage in this car / truck about the Capricorn Hwy with main Queensland. Queenslanders advised of measles condition Marissa Calligeros Qld residents are generally aware to look out for measles discomforts searching for 3 rd case was described around any amount of weeks. Baby’s demise questionable Marissa Calligeros Killing researchers really are looking an 11-week-old baby daughters departure, assuming it happens to be on your guard. ‘Seriously injured’ infant for essential circumstance Marissa Calligeros A good two-month ancient little one is in a major symptom in a new Queensland medical facility upon getting damaged. Woman found in evoked coma upon jumping motionless automobile Marissa Calligeros Police are analyzing a extreme accident where the partner endured extreme top of your head accidents immediately after lunging on a changing motor vehicle inside central Queensland regarding Saturday nights. Woman punched in addition to attacked through youthful container snatcher Marissa Calligeros An early young lady has been apparently smacked as well as bit utilizing a 14-year-old would-be carrier snatcher in a primary Queensland shopping target From monday. Gympie gets towards count the fee for flood Marissa Calligeros Anxious Gympie home owners is going to awaken about Sunday day time to get started with comparing the harm within the city’s latest a water surge in one year, when fundamental Qld consumers will probably all steel metal on their own to obtain a deluge…


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tomseyo April 13, 2014 at 10:47 PM

Cost Limited as well as Anthony Albanese. Pic: Take advantage of Great hit Relating to Sixty well-heeled Job Special event fans definitely will every pay out $1000 a new denture to attend a an evening meal with Thursday that will have the funds for that ALP’s month-long authority marketing campaign somewhere between Invoice Limited and then Anthony Albanese. At the same time, Mr Reduce plus Mister Albanese ( space ) in addition 100s of volunteers — will expend the following a few days inside a stressful cellphone workshop for you to triumph last-minute guidance right from ALP grassroots folks. In regards to what may be known as continually a strong contest, sweepstakes, Mister Lessen looks particular to come out inside a leadership place by means of later. Even when your dog would suffer a loss of your overall guidance ballot in order to Mister Albanese, Mister Lessen is required to get targeted by your Hard work caucus as Mister Albanese’s deputy. Advertising campaign If Mr Shorten benefits, having said that, Mister Albanese will be forgotten about by way of caucus in preference to Sydney’s Tanya Plibersek to get deputy, as reported by bash resources. Cooperate users across Questionnaire currently have just up until Friday so that you can send in their very own votes, however , equally marketing campaign competitors can be cautionary associates they might should get published their very own ballots from Wed to be sure that they get to enough time to possibly be measured. The party’s state revisiting police, Victoria barrister Tony morrison Lang, is going to number this greater team elect for ALP country’s secret headquarters throughout Canberra in Wednesday not to mention This weekend. Typically the parliamentary caucus paid members will definitely round up around Canberra relating to Monday to make sure you group his or her votes, which is able to well then wind up being protected, uncounted, by simply caucus moving back officer, Chelsea Hayes, a member just for Werriwa throughout Quarterly report. Caucus is going to be reconvened with Sunday the location where the parliamentary political election shall be relied with the presence of MPs. The entire nationwide election plus the caucus elect should come to be unveiled As every value 50 per cent * and also the conclusion, the first of this type inside ALP’s the past, made. As the new chief is set, the particular caucus can opt for the deputy. Mr Minimize plus Mr Albanese will go to the actual fund-raiser, during the practices with famous official stable Ernst not to mention Teen with Australia, sorted by Toil Person’s nationwide secretariat that will purchase the campaign. Occasion head offices compensated $50,000 to each of Mister Shorten’s not to mention Mr Albanese’s campaigns to aid set up nationwide mail-outs connected with plan fabric in order to ensure put on journey to just about every investment to help message their very own announcements. More cash ran directly into the party through people today and firms needing to back again one or other on the potential customers. Mister Brief, realized to get had been given almost all of the shawls by hoda donates, have been opponent simply by Mister Albanese of ”extravagance”, nevertheless people today Mister Shorten’s organization already have let go the actual maintain as the beat-up, since anything was indeed paid couldn’t have already been employed to push against the Coalition. Mister Minimize and then Mr Albanese have got countless volunteers regarding banking institutions of telephones. Mister Limit features 452 volunteers who had designed beyond 24,Thousands of calls just by latter the other day. Mr Shorten’s staff is making a claim sound help support within Victoria and then New south wales and relatively good help during To the Quarterly report, by means of Mister Albanese receiving largest majority assist for Qld together with Tasmania, along with Wa about still. Mr Albanese’s team evaluations effective services during New south wales, Qld as well as Tasmania. Any Direction on the Social gathering of the Working people remaining loaned with the magnates, devoid of bash agreements. Nevertheless! Lord rescue all the ALP, specially with the fact that toff, Cut. At the very least Albanese features this functioning type back ground..P . s .: What’s going today’s GG do any time the girl son and daughter in legislations is engaged in certain constitutional or any other crisis wanting the girl’s source? Commenter Your Beak Spot Starting time and date April 09, 2013, 6:40AM That magnates are generally these particular? We are preaching about Work gathering folks along with some extra revenue. You should not even be a billionaire to be able to donate $1000 in your brand name associated with fostering democracy in your own possess event. This kind of physical activity was given money for as a result of event associates, 100s of special event associates contain volunteered, in addition to 1000s of person participants * quite a few performing category ( blank ) have a claim in your verdict. Commenter Dags Position Starting time and date Oct 08, The year 2013, 20:46AM In the event that Lower ends up being chief executive associated with ALP, we have a strife appealing however, if Bryce is always GG. Since its often A few yr word (a type of the unofficial regulation) and also Bryce is GG considering that , this woman more than likely will give up work therefore pun intended, the contradiction. Wouldn’t had been happy when Bryce had not actually mentioned with Brief to let the dog to be able to vie for any management. Commenter Traveller Site Starting time and date November 08, The year 2013, Thirteen:54AM Will you have a preference for they will command the actual individual? This is the LNP way of executing issues. Commenter Jace Location Starting time and date August The year 2008, The year 2013, Nine:55AM Daydream upon dags. Unless you consider that there’s ALP enthusiasts who will be messy abundant, you happen to be the sad thing is deluded. Possibly even ALP’s wonderful saviour Rudd is quite wealthy. Unlikey battling with basically working with a tiny more cash. And i am for sure the particular institute politicians might be donations a few of their wages. Stand-over strategies succeed fantastic while you are a little challenging in place. Commenter Gazzatone Setting Time and date September 2007, 2013, 14:10PM Wow, possesses right now there traditional an excellent political election that has got encouraged so little awareness since this you? Go on The Age, lets have secret/confidential/reliable base scuttlebutt that will cheer things up a bit! Commenter Michelle Specific location Portsea Date and time September , 2013, 10:15AM Alas with the ALP they are simply which has a contests concerning only two members of any Celebration that happen to be always tainted via the destructive together with decisive past Half-dozen years, not a awesome foundation first of all. The 2 are already implicated inside a variety yet another having backstabbing, cover-ups about corrupt as well as meant tainted individuals of their particular party, was unable rules subsequent to were unsuccessful coverages, the particular wasting for immeasureable tax bill payer pounds about those self same was not able rules, that taking apart with the Edge Safeguards Scheme with able 50 plus,500 criminal immigrants to manufacture a mockery individuals and additionally Australia as well as the position and additionally record are meant to allowed these with open forearms, just what a trick. From the design from it it will probably be same exact, same old, get over it of us, nothing to observe here as they can error in judgment inside weight, failing to take the teachings knowledgeable using defeat still implementing those same insurance plans of which found which will conquer. Commenter thatmosis Locale Isis Central Date and time August 08, 2013, 15:47AM Your warching summary must be taken care of there to be certain that there have been (*) zero airline ticket expense, (2 .) certainly no journeying allowance, along with (-) few others expenditures (which includes printing, comms and even Comcar) during this time period. In the same manner, the with Caucus hovering when it comes to upon ending friday, subsequently resulting in, just to then bring back at Thursday, heightens more deeply questions regarding bills. Apparently, the assertions don’t move looking for this time of the time. None there has to be just about any suddenly venturing allowance promises designed for Tuesday by way of Tuesday, inside canberra? Commenter Provide Place Mitcham Date and time Oct . 2007, 2013, 10:49PM – The Beak:’What will probably our present-day GG carry out should the woman’s young boy on regulations is definitely interested in some constitutional an additional crisis wanting him / her enter?’By conference she’s going to delay towards the vast majority of individual think governor : Jessica Bashir.Involved with, offered she has been within the project for graduate students, her days and nights are actually specified with.Cindy Cosgrove or possibly Sara Howard are some of the entry sportsmen to replace him / her. Commenter Jer in Gold Countryside Region Starting time and date April 09, The year 2013, 2:13PM


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