Eco-links (week of 10/30/2011)

by james on October 29, 2011

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imageSnow hits NY before day of the dead — New York has today been hit by snowfall before the day of the dead,  aka Hallowed E’en, for only the fourth time since the 1860. Free Nobel Peace Prizes should be handed out to anyone who can predict correctly how long it will be before some alarmist blames this on global warming. Recall that this mirrors the early start to winter in the Arctic, reported a few weeks ago.

imageApple tortures Earth Mother — With all the forest clear-cutting, particulate emissions, and wildlife displacement with the widespread burning that is associated with Apple’s massive new energy-sucking data center in Maiden, NC, you’d think the greens would be protesting non-stop. Nope…not so much.

New offices for Greenpeace — Charlotte, NC goes grrrrrreen! Greenpeace USA has opened their most recent office in Charlotte, opening with a bang of a protest outside Duke Energy Headquarters. In North and South Carolina Duke Energy has asked for a $500 million rate increase, primarily to deal with the costs of carbon dioxide regulations. I would like to start planning protests outside of Greenpeace offices. After all, this is a multinational corporation with global reach, an annual budget of over $23 million (small potatoes compared to some other environmentalist corporations), and a desire to increase the cost of energy.


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