Eco-links (from the week of 5/22/11)

by james on May 27, 2011

in Eco-links, Science and Technology

How Do You Sell Illegal Lightbulbs in the EU? – Describes a novel way to resist the Green Dragon – heatballs.

Green Awakenings – Some first critiques of Matthew Sleeth’s new green gospel, to be followed shortly by my in depth review of his ‘The Gospel according to the Earth.”

Judeo-Christian Environmental Organizations – A list of some of the religious groups that are, to greater or lesser degrees, purveyors of Dark Green Religion.

Dark Green Religion – Descriptions of Dark Green Religion from Bron Taylor

New Evidence That Cosmic Rays Seed Clouds – Nigel Calder summarizes important recent on the link between cosmic rays and climate.

Council of All Beings – A description of the Council, an important ritual of Dark Green Religion.

The Great Turning -Joanna Macy’s website. Macy is intimately involved in developing rituals of Dark Green Religion.

Green wolves in Christian clothing – (Washington Times) Paul Chesser shows how environmentalists use Scripture to cloak their anti-human agenda.


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