Is Going Green Bad For Your Soul? A Response to "Resisting the Green Dragon" (Part 1)

by james on May 24, 2011

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This is an interesting critique of the DVD series, Resisting the Green Dragon, which the upset blogger Craig Goodwin calls “hyperbolic and overwrought.” Wait till he reads the book!

They think the fox has gotten into the henhouse and now they are sounding the alarm.

It is interesting that Goodwin, author of Year of Plenty (what I call ‘Doing a McKibben’) characterizes the DVD series on the basis of his view that the environmental movement is something Christians should, and already do, embrace.

This is fair, at least the part about how Christians are increasingly embracing the morals, ethics, and theology of dark green religion.  However, I am still waiting for a serious review.  Maybe I could learn something. But thus far every single review and critique has been disappointingly shallow. The critics simply do not care for the idea that greening the gospel is neo-paganism slithering into the Church.  They reject the idea out of hand without considering any of the arguments. This would require watching the DVD series, or actually reading the detailed Biblical arguments developed in ‘Resisting the Green Dragon.’



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Craig May 24, 2011 at 6:06 PM

I’m up for doing a review. How about a book exchange?


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