Does the Planet Really have a Fever?

by james on March 10, 2011

in Environmental, Vlog

How can we hide medieval warming and subsequent cooling...?

While evidence seems to indicate that we have been warming up nicely for the past several hundred years, at present we may be in a slight cooling trend. There has been no global warming for almost 15 years. Given their penchant for hiding inconvenient data, one wonders how Warmists will bury this? Even the IPCC folks admit (privately) problems with their global-warming-due-to-anthropengic-increases-in-CO2 trope, with Kevin Trenberth agonizing over the fact that the ‘world’s top scientists’ are not able to account for the lack of warming. This was revealed during the Warmergate scandal.

So, does the planet really have a fever. It would appear that the answer is NO.


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