January 2011

“The Central England Temperature record is one of the longest continuous temperature records in the world extending back to the Little Ice age in 1659. December 2010 was the Second Coldest December Temperature in the entire record (352 years) with an average of -0.7C just short of the record of -0.8C recorded in December 1890.” […]

“. . .to strengthen the faith of the rising generation of Christians (who have been born into a world increasingly hostile to Christian truth) by helping them see the coherence of a biblical Two-ist worldview, as well as understand the attraction of the coherence of the One-ist Lie. . . .”

A most important lesson, that I try to teach all my students, is on how to avoid being impressed by confidence tricksters dressed in a lab coat. “Science is the belief in the ignorance of the experts,” said Feynman. I hope my students take this to heart. CARGO CULT SCIENCE by Richard Feynman Adapted from […]

Live studio interview between James Wanliss and Pastor Kevin Boling, on the Knowing the Truth radio program, on 20 January 2011. They discuss environmentalism and the book Resisting the Green Dragon.

ClimateGate, the Green Dragon, and the End of Christianity, by Cliff Kincaid

The Green Dragon: Is Global Warming a Religion?, by J.C. Moore

From Creationism to Anti-Environmentalism: The Religious Right’s Attack on Science Expands, by Michael Zimmerman

Defending the ‘Cult’ of Environmentalism, by Sheldon Good

Happy Solstice! — Or is it?, by Bron Taylor

Why Chinese Mothers are Superior, by Amy Chua